What are vehicle papers? What automotive papers to carry while you are on drive? Know what auto paper in India to carry? It is very important to keep the necessary papers in the vehicle for the purpose of being checked by the traffic police or otherwise required at any time. The following are the necessary documents to be kept in the non-transport vehicle:

• Valid Driving License
• Proof of valid certificate of registration
• Proof of valid certificate of insurance
• Proof of tax payment
• Fitness certificate
• Pollution Under Control (P.U.C) certificate
• Insurance cover note, tax payment receipt and renewal of registration certificate (if required) are valid evidence.
• Xerox copies of the original documents (attested by a gazetted officer) are also acceptable. However if the demanding authority wants to see the original documents, the owner must produce them within 15 days.
• A Xerox copy of the driving license is not acceptable

In case the driving license is confiscated or submitted to the authorities, the receipt given against that works in lieu of the license. So it should also be carried with the vehicle and in original form.

The Officers from the following authorities can demand documents of the vehicle for inspection:

• Police Department
• State Transport Authority