Know more in Gopalpuram Traffic Police Station

Authorised Parking Area

 I.T.C Badrachalam lane single line parking for 4 wheelers
Infront of Kotak Mahendra building MCH Paid parking
Infront of Archana Archade, Ramakrishna lane at Delight X roads MCH paid parking
Renuka Yellamma temple near Naidu motors
Before Uppal Bus stop near Roots English spoken institue
Opp. Garden Restaurant
At Warasiguda X roads
Infront of Gandhi Hospital, Musheerabad road
Beside Keyes high school wall, St. Mary island road
Opp. APSEB office, Clock tower
Near Rail Nilayam, at Syndicate Bank ATM
Beside Chilakalaguda Gandhi Statue
Near Ambedkar Statue, Seethaphalmandi
Near Jamai Osmania Rly. Station.
Opp. St. Ann’s school, S.P.Road
Near Mylaragadda Y – Junction


One way Restriction
From Secunderabad Rly. Station to Keyes High school on Gopalpuram lane, infront of Police Station Road.



Major U Turns

YMCA X roads St. John’s rotary
Alugaddabavi TJunction Rly. Degree college
Bhoiguda petrolpump New Gandhi hospital
Keyes high school Naidu Motors Jn
Sangeeth X roads Padmaraonagar T Junction,


Traffic Junction
YMCA X roads Garden Circle
Sangeeth X roads Alugaddabavi T Junction
Chilakalaguda X roads Seethaphalmandi T Junction
St. John’s rotary Bhoiguda Dharmakanta
Mettuguda X roads, Keyes High School
Warasiguda X roads Padmaraonagar T Junction


Schools Zones

Garden circle I.T.C. Lane, S.D.Road
S.P.Road, YMCA X roads St. John’s rotary
Sangeeth X roads Keyes High School Manohar theater junction
Keyes High school gap    


Towing Zones

Opp. Maharaja Bakery, S.P. Road, Sec’bad.
From St. Ann’s school,  S.D. Road to ISKON temple at St. John’s rotary
Delight junction to Keyes high school junction


Stretches and time where Traffic is at peak in the Police Station Limits
Mettuguda to Alugaddabavi T Junction  --  from 08.30 hrs to 11.00 hrs in the morning and 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm in the evening,
Chilakalaguda X roads  --  from 08.00 hrs to 12.00 noon in the morning and from 3.30 pm to 9.00 pm in the evening
Delight junction to Keyes High school from 08.45 am to 11.00 am in the morning and  6.00 pm to 8.30 pm in the evening
YMCA X roads – 09.00 am to 11.00 am in the morning and from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm in the evening
Tarnaka to YMCA X roads and Tarnaka to Musheerabad X roads the traffic is always in peak.


Places and Events Causing more Traffic congestion in the Limits
Warasiguda X roads
Chilakalaguda X roads
YMCA to Alugaddabavi T Junction
Seethaphalmandi T Junction
During Cricket match at Uppal Stadium and Political parties major gatherings, public meetings the road from YMCA X roads to Tarnaka flyover and YMCA to Musheerabad X roads is busy with traffic.


Places that Attract more Traffic in Some Seasons and Festival
Chilakalaguda Gandhi Statue for Mahankali Jatara during Bonalu Festival
ISCON temple at St. John’s rotary on the occasion of  “Sri Krishna Janmastami”
During Dasara Festival “Durga Idol” installation in Keyes High school, Sec’bad
Saibaba temple at Padmaraonagar during Gurupurnima festival
Skandagiri Temple, Padmaraonagar
St. Mary church, S.D.Road on Christmas
Idgah at Chilakalaguda during Ramjan & Bakrid festivals
During Ganesh immersion the roads from Tarnaka to Musheerabad X roads and Tarnaka to Clock Tower via. S.D.Road will attract more traffic