Know more in Chikkadpally Traffic Police Station

Authorised Parking Area
Road Side from Rdha Krishna Statue C. R Reddy Statue on upper tank bund
Sri sri statue to rRaghupathi Venkata Rama Statue on upper tank bund
Pottuluri Veera brahamam statue to Brahamnaidu statue uppertank bund
Vemana Statue to Pothanastaue on Upper Tank bund
On Road side from pingali  venkaiah statue to Kandukuri Veerashalingam statue on Upper Tank bund
C.R. Reddy statue Gujarada Appa Rao Statue on Upper Tank bund
Kandukuri Veereshalingam Statue to Rama Dasustatue on Upper tank bund
Brahma Naidu statue to Molla Statue on Upper Tankbund
Siddendhra Yogi statue to vemana statue on Upper Tankbund
From right side Chikkadpallu market to Venkateshwara Temple Chikkadpally
Indira Park Gate No.1 Opp Saivani Hospital


One way Restriction
Street No. 6 Domalguda
Street No. 5 Domalguda



Major U Turns

Bus Bhavan RTC X roads
Jawahar Ngar -I & II
Kawadi cafe Kawadiguda


Traffic Junction
Azamabad X roads VST X Roads
Ashoknagar X roads Indira park X roads
Children Park T Junction Red Signal at Upper Tankbund
Golconda X roads Katta Maisamma Temple
Musheerabad X roads Praga tools T junction
RTC X roads Kawadiguda X roads


Schools Zones

Ashok Nagar Bridge
Bus Bhavan rtc X roads
Bakaram Road Musheerabad


Towing Zones
Jawaharnagar Road Both sides  
Near Bholakpur  
Near Odeon Theatre  
Near Sai Vani Hospital Indira park  
Metro cafe Musheerabad Road  


Stretches and time where Traffic is at peak in the Police Station Limits
RTC X roads from 09.00 to 11.00 hours & 1700 hr to 2130
Children park T jucntion from 0900 hrs to 1100 hrs & 1630 to 2200 hrs
Golconda X roads from 0900 t0 1200 hrs & 1600 hrs to 2200 hrs
VST x road from 0900 hrs to 1030 hrs & 1730 hrs to 2100 hrs
As well as in the Dharna & Processioin occasioned Ramnagar, VST Sundaraiah park, RTCX roadsAshok nagar, Indira nagar x roads


Places and Events Causing more Traffic congestion in the Limits
RTC X roads   Ramnagar   Goseva Sadan   Sundaraiah Park
Upper Tankbund   Indira park        


Places that Attract more Traffic in Some Seasons and Festival
Ganesh Festival Immersion at Upper tankbund
Bonalu festival kattamaisamma temple
Venkateshwara Temple Chikkkadpally
Arbon church at golconda X roads
Jagannath Rath Yathra atRTC X roads