Know more in Charminar Traffic Police Station

Authorised Parking Area

M.C.H. Paid Parking for Cars at Pathergatti
M.C.H. Paid parking for cars at Gulzar House
M.C.H. Paid Parking for Cars at High Court road


One way Restriction

One way from Madina to City College
One way from South Side M.J.Bridge to Delhi Gate
Madina to Delhi Gate



Major U Turns

Bahadurpura infront of Metro Theatre


Traffic Junction  
Madina X roads  
Bahadurpura X roads  
Motigalli X roads  
City College X roads  


Schools Zones

Fatheh Darwaza
Agarwal Kaman


Towing Zones

High Court road  
Around Charminar Monument  
Charminar to Madina X road  



Stretches and time where Traffic is at peak in the Police Station Limits

Madina X road peak hour from 0900 hrs to 2200 hrs
Bahadurpura X road peak hours from 0900 hrs to 1400 hrs, 1600 hrs 2200 hrs


Places and Events Causing more Traffic congestion in the Limits
From Charminar Monument to Madina , there is traffic congestion at weekends and Festivals, as the huge establishments situated on this road



Places that Attract more Traffic in Some Seasons and Festival

Charminar Monument attracts traffic round the year
Lad  Bazar, Gulzar House, Pathergatti areas attracts traffic during  Dessara, Deepawali,  Ramzan, Bakrid and Moharram Festivals, because of Bangle stores, Gold jeweler shops, Cloth shops  are existed