Begumpet Traffic Police Station


SHO :Sri.S. Rajashekar

+91 87126 60632

040 - 27853722


DCP : Sri. B K Rahul Hegde  IPS (8712660601)

Email ID :

ACP : Sri. P. Gyanender Reddy (8712660615)
Email ID :


How to reach the Police Station

  Beside Railway Bridge, Opposite to Bible House, Rashtrapthi Road, Secunderabad.



Important Places

Begumpet Rly Station
Sanjeevaiah Park Road
Proposed American  Consulate
Begumpet Airport
Hockey Stadium



Sector Information

Sector I  -   Incharge : Sri. Muthyalu     S.I (7382296507)

Balamrai Y Junction- CTO
GVK – Hanuman Temple Lane – Fire Station
Plaza - CMR to Park lane – MG Statue
Paradise – Rochabazar – Upto Ranigunj X road

Sector II - Incharge : D.Anand Kumar (SI) 7901133879

Sunshine Hospital
HDFC Lane -Food World
Sindhi Colony Road - Nallagutta X Road
Ranigunj – Advaiah
Karbala– Sailing Club
Nallagutta Back side – Sanjeevaiah Park

Sector III   -   Incharge : Sri.  Bhadraiah     S.I. (9490616657)

Meeting point - Rasoolpura X road
Rasoolpura X Road - Kims Hospital
Nallagutta Junction – Patigadda Lane
Patigadda Lane – PNT Junction
Begumpet Air Port – Rasoolpura
Gun Bazar – Patny Nagar Colony

Sector IV   -   Incharge : Sri.  P. Ashok      S.I ()

PNT Junction to PNT end of Fly over Prakash Nagar Colony
Air Lines Colony – Nandi Hotel
Shopper Stop – Chikoti Garden
Shyamlal Colony – Gurumurthy Colony
HPS Out Gate

Sector V   -   Incharge : Sri.   K. Rajandran      S.I ( 7901107224 )

HPS In gate –Begumpet Flyover Middle of the Bridge
Under the Begumpet Flyover Bridge
Brahmanwadi – Begumpet Railway Station
Fateh Nagar Bridge – Mayuri Marg



Mobile Information

Mobile -1

Rasoolpura PNT Junction U turn Hanuman Temple Road
Food World Sindhi Colony road
PG Joining Road Rasoopura

Mobile -2

S.D road, Patny to Paradise, Plaza to CTO, Paridane up to MG. statue on both sides of Road.
Mobile -3
R.P Road,Bible Hose, Karbala Maidan Jn Up to Raniginj, Distillery Road, Hyderabasti Road on Both side ot Road.

Mobile -4

MG. Road, Paradise MG Staue, Rocha Bazar, Up to ranigunj on Both sides of Road.

Mobile -5

Budha Bhavan, Sailing club, Necklace Road upto Sanjeevaiah Park, Nallagutta Junction, Minister Road, Ranigunj to Rasoolpura on Both sides of Road.

Mobile -6

SP Road i.e. from Begumpet Fly over- Begumpet Rly Station, HPS, Shyamlal, Shopper Stop, PNT up to rasoolpura on both sides of the Road.






Sub Inspectors


Asst. Sub Inspectors


Head Constables